Why you should care about your immune system

Role of the immune system, straight out of Basic Immunology, Six ed Abbas/Lichtman/Pillai.

  1. Defend against infection
  2. Defense against tumors
  3. Control of tissue regeneration and scarring
  4. The immune system can injure cells and induce pathologic inflammation

We want to maximize our regenerative capabilities, destroy abnormal cells,  and minimize inflammation, then we need to focus on our immune system. It is a key player in our long-term health.


As we age with chronic injury, it is key to minimize inflammation and optimize our regenerative capabilities.

Why is there an AM/PM dose?

Provides a steady state of nutrients throughout the day so your health is continually optimized. Prevent the peaks and valleys on once a day dosing.
The nighttime dose maximizes your regenerative sleep state without taking in calories.

The Magnesium and Melatonin in the pm dose exerts a calming effect and enhances sleep.