Why I Disagree With Doctors Who Don’t Promote Supplements & Vitamin – A Healthy Dose of Evidence

By: Karl Zarse, MD

In order to succeed at AGING FIT, we need to make it as simple as possible. Most of us have incredibly busy lifestyles that make it difficult to not only get the right amount of nutrients, but also the right combination. You can use supplements on a regular basis to nail the precise combination and concentration your body needs with little effort on your part. Let the supplement do the work. 

I have met many doctors over the years who state with complete confidence (despite not being in great shape themselves) that there is “no evidence whatsoever that shows that taking vitamins and other supplements helps in any way.“

So, for now, let’s skip the published evidence, although there is plenty out there. The problem is that approximately  96% of research is sponsored by the prescription medication industry. So, the chances of a massive double-blind placebo-controlled study proving the health benefits of Vitamin D is never going to be commissioned by a major pharmaceutical company.

Let’s look at agriculture-  whether we are talking about raising cattle or other animals or the crops being grown, in every instance, these animals and plants are fed a steady stream of supplements in their feed to maximize output.  It cannot be argued that while throughout agriculture this has a proven benefit, yet for humans, supplementation somehow does nothing.

Another reason for this is that our soil has been significantly depleted over the last 100 years or so of agriculture. Scientific American published a great study outlining this phenomenon. So even if you have the time to make a fresh salad, you have no way of knowing how much Vitamin C and other nutrients are in that salad. Moreover, industry has been selecting seeds that make larger outputs on less nutrients to compensate for soil depletion. But for you, you are getting a larger vegetable with less nutrients. 

My last example is top level athletes. These individuals are constantly fed a steady stream of nutritional supplements every day, with the goal of maximum recovery from the strenuous activities they engage in. Throughout my own life there has always been a massive difference in my recovery between when I’m taking supplements and when I’m not. 

If you want to age fit then you need to start your day with supplements. This is the easiest way to set yourself up for success. Giving your body more than it needs nutritionally greatly enhances your ability to recover and stay active. I developed supplements and superfood alternatives to help support these steadfast beliefs, and will share details in future posts.    


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