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Why Does a Doctor Care So Deeply About Supplements?

By: Karl Zarse, MD

After treating thousands of patients over the years and seeing them take various paths with aging, I have seen what the impact of nutrition has on the body, especially over time. 

If you are going to do anything successfully and consistently over time, you must make it an easy win. And if you want to guarantee you are giving your body everything it needs to perform at its best, then a daily supplement regimen will give you that. It takes 2 minutes to make a meal replacement shake and take a handful of vitamins. You will get more nutrition in that two minutes than most people get all day- and it was easy. 

I am all for the whole food, all organic diets out there. But who has the time or discipline to make all your meals day after day with no breaks? It is impossible, especially if you are a busy person. And it is medically and scientifically  impossible to get the level of nutrients out of natural food versus a powdered superfood, high dose oral vitamins and/or a protein powder. 

Click here to read my article on the free-radical theory of aging; it will give you a deeper understanding of what these various supplements are doing. If you understand ‘why’ you are doing something, it goes a long way in helping you keep consistent. 

The top three categories I recommend are: 

  • AN ORAL VITAMIN COMBINATION that helps promote better focus, immunity and sleep
  • A SUPERFOOD SHAKE that gives long-lasting energy, decreases fatigue, and replenishes liquids and electrolytes
  • A PROTEIN POWDER that agrees with your digestive system. 

Combining these 3 components into one meal will give you everything you need as a baseline.  If repeated and/or done multiple times per day, you will give  your body even more benefit. 

Powerful antioxidants, whole foods that reduce risk of disease, and lean meal replacement supplements will dramatically improve the benefits you will see from your exercise and stretching routine and is the key to AGING FIT. 


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