Intermittent Fasting: Most Effective Weight Loss Tool Ever

Intermittent Fasting: Most Effective Weight Loss Tool Ever

By: Karl Zarse, MD

If you’re like me, you may find that despite your best efforts, a string of holidays can put your body weight up  five pounds or more. Fitting in extra workouts is unlikely, and making the workouts  harder to lose weight quickly is not too attractive an option either. 

There is an easy solution that has some added benefits. 

It’s called intermittent fasting. You start by setting a time that you will eat and prior to that only drink water. A good starting point is 10 am. Do this for 2-3 days and then make it 11 am.  Another 2 days, then noon. Make sure you do not eat after 7 pm as well. Noon to seven o’clock  is the eating window.

For thousands of years we evolved by hunting and scavenging for our meals, sometimes not eating for days. Our body has to metabolically switch from burning glucose, a form of sugar, to utilizing fat stores.  The two hormones are insulin and glucagon which regulate this switch. We used to swap back and forth all the time, but now we rarely see any windows where we need to use reserve fat and calories. 

By doing this in a stepwise fashion, you allow your body’s insulin and glucose to equilibrate and get used to spans of not eating, thereby keeping you from feeling like you’re starving. It’s surprising how fast the hunger goes away, as long as you are pounding the ice water throughout the morning. 

I think everyone should do this a couple times a month. It increases your insulin sensitivity, helps keep your lean body mass, empowers you with a skill set you can call upon to trim weight and not even have to get on the treadmill.  

Seems like a skill worth mastering.

This strategy takes some intentional effort and training, as most of us eat a fairly regular schedule of meals.  


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