Dr. Z


chronic injury

Karl Zarse, MD is leading and redefining the Proactive vs Reactive Medical Movement, particularly as it relates to Aging Fit. Widely known for his ability to Empower patients by teaching them simple ways to Age with Power, especially when faced with chronic injury and/or pain, Dr. Z now brings these science-backed, tried and true methods and tips, at no cost, to you via this hub, filled with easy-to-follow videos, resources and recommendations.


Affectionately referred to by his patients as “Dr. Z,” his rise in the Immunity and Wellness Sphere builds upon his double board certification in interventional pain management and anesthesia, a medical specialty in which Dr. Z developed modalities for healing, regeneration, prevention and bolstering the immune system.


Also an expert in physiology, immune system repair/optimization, anti-cancer functions of specific foods and supplements, managing a chronic pain state, pre-surgery preparation, minimally invasive pain therapies, compression fractures, arthritis, supplement formulations and preventative nutrition- Dr. Z is fiercely committed to helping men and women across the globe flip their chronic injury script.


Dr. Z is the Developer of ImmuneX2, a strategic, twice-a-day dosing supplement, and EnhanceX4, a highly concentrated, 8 superfood nutritional powder as well as the owner of Idaho Spine and Pain and Empowering Solutions.


Dr. Z regularly speaks to the news media on a wide range of medical, nutritional and pain/recovery topics and headlines.